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I am a Kenyan man, who has experienced many of the difficulties these children face. I understand their shame, their frustration and their sadness. I know, that given the chance, they will do their best to change their lives and I will be with them every step of the way.




We try to answer all enquiries that come to us through e-mail, but have answered a few Frequently Asked Questions below. If you have any further questions or your question is not answered below, you should use the form on this page to get in contact with us.

How to donate on our site ?

If we are asking for donations, we will do it via a Cause/Appeal Page. Generally, this page will have a donation button or a form at the bottom of it where you can donate. If you don't want to complete a donation over the website, we still accept donations directly from payment merchants or bank transfer.

How to became a volunteer ?

If you know that you're in our area of work, send us an e-mail or come and chat to us in person and see what you can do to help!

Are website donations secure?

If you see the green banner or ``Secure`` next to ```` then the website is secure. We use industry-standard encryption to make sure that your card details don't get shown to any prying eyes.